A few days ago, before Thanksgiving, I discovered a new website that I want to share with you. Have you heard of

It's rather new, about 3 months old. Shops are juried and they are divided up into markets. Some markets are based on location, (Seattle, Chicago, etc.) while others are based around products- Child's Play, Wearable Art, PaperCraft.

They are making improvements to the site daily to make it easier for buyers to find items, like a product search and category system. In the meantime, it's rather small and easy to browse the shops as it is. The product photos are larger, and with blogs included, it's quite different than other online shopping sites out there.

Check it out for last minute gifts, and bookmark it check it out again in the future, to see what changes have been implemented. Information is also there to find out how to set up a shop.

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