This little Girl came in for her puppy vaccinations today.   Her previous owner gave her away about 2 weeks ago to her new owner.  She's about 7 months old-  Terrier -Something- Something Mix.

Hmmm,  do those ears remind you of anything?  anybody?  anyone ? . . . .   I'm can't quite put my finger on it. . . . .  *thinking, thinking* . . . . . OH. Yes, that is it . . . . .

From the Academy Award Winning Movie- Legally Blonde, 2001,  starring the fabulous Reese Witherspoon.

 Leon was sitting in the client chair (as usual) hoping to get petted (or fed).  Demi wasn't too fond of him in there as you might have guessed from all the growling and carrying on in the video.

Demi from Andy Mathis on Vimeo.


Kerri said...

looks so much like reese in legally blonde!!

do you know the song by schyler fisk called "love somebody"? the proceeds go to spca, and it is the sweetest song when thought of in the context of finding/adopting a dog you love. anyway, u might want to check it out, and spread the word! :)

Simply Me Art said...

Oh my Gosh, she is just the cutest little Playgirl!!

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

aww. some schnauzer in her. reminds of my dog i used to have.


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