Painting of Luna on Yupo

Karen Weidert is an online artist friend of mine who resides near St. Louis.  She volunteers with the Clowder House Cat Foundation in St. Louis.   As I've mentioned before, I am working on a calendar project with some of Karen's photographs.

Here is her website, by the way. 

Luna is her personal cat, and I think she adopted her from Clowder House as well.

Lurve this Photo

So I decide to paint Luna for the calendar as well.  I also decided to flip the photo, mainly because the painting of Latte has her positioned on the right. Luna can go to the left.

Luna, 5x7 inches, varnished watercolor on Yupo

I'll admit, I love the reference photo, for the dramatic lighting, but I am not totally happy with this painting.  I didn't like the rattlesnake zombie pupils in the photo, so I decided to paint them similarly to another photo where the pupil was a little larger and a little more round. That might have been a mistake.

I've been looking at the eyeballs of Maybelline, Sunshine,  Leon, and Priscilla all morning. One can't glaze on Yupo without moving the color underneath, so I might play with it in photoshop, and add a little glaze of fluid acrylic to the eye(s), before it is varnished. But not too much glazing as I don't want to loose the lightness of the blue-green color.  Or I might paint her again, one never knows.

Have a nice weekend, Everyone.


Karen Weidert said...

This is beautiful, Andy. I think you did a wonderful job.

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Beautiful cat. All the pictures are terrific, but I like the one where the paw is at the camera.

Art with Liz said...

This is really good Andy - I think those eyes are beautiful!

Have been catching up - always love seeing those beautiful dogs on your blog, but my heart went out to Ginger and having to sleep, eat and generally live outside all the time. I will never understand people!


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