The Story of Jimmy- Rescue, Adopt or Foster a Shelter Pet

It's a new video, but put together from his photos and videos.  I see him everyday so I forget what he looked like when he first got here and how much progress he has made.

It does tug at your heart a little, I'll be honest, but in a good and happy way.  You might want a tissue handy, though, I don't want anyone blowing their nose on their shirt sleeve.

I hope by sharing his story it encourages people to adopt shelter pets or take a chance on those who might not seem so adoptable at first.


Glassgardenswhatnot said...

You have done a wonderful job with Jimmy. It's obvious, his smile and tail carried high reflects his joy. Dr Mathis, you give off good doggy vibes!

Colleen said...

For months now, I have been following Jimmy and your gang from here in Canada. What a wonderful success story. And yes, I cried.

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks. I hope that his story inspires others to open their heart and homes to shelter and rescue pets.

There just isn't enough homes for everyone. And while spaying and neutering helps, it isn't the total answer.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Andy - just wonderful! You have a very big heart! JImmy is one lucky dawg!!


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