Have you downloaded the GHAC app yet?

So, watcha think? 

I am planning on adding a few menu items to the GHAC app over the next few days.  (I thought I broke it the other day. ... but was able to get it reconfigured and back to working after a "slight" panic attack)  

The Android version needs the most tweaking.  

Do you have any suggestions?   I'm adding a link to the online pharmacy and store, and some pet health care information pages.  Maybe a play list of Pet Health videos from Youtube.

Some people use their phone for everything. I tend to use my phone as a phone so what I think people need/want is very limited.  For me, one click email, one click phone call, and a location map would be the most important.

Everything else is nice to have in there, but it also eats up your memory, takes longer to download, and means the app is more likely to crash, especially on older phones.

Having small  menu buttons with tiny text, so tiny that is difficult to read, also annoys me.  I like simple --easy to read, easy to find what you need, and easy to use.

If don't have the phone app, you can find it by searching for Granite Hills Animal Care in the App store or on Google Play.

Leave a comment if you have a suggestion.  Also if there is a pet related app that you really like, mention it in the comment. I would like to see it.   Thanks.

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