Anybody use the Flipboard App?

on their phone or tablet?

Flipboard  debuted not long after the ipad and it was a very nifty way to read blog posts, news sites, and twitter feeds.  Like an Ostrich that seems shiny things, I soon forgot about it.  

Until a few days ago.  Now one can curate information, photos, and links into a Flipboard magazine that one can subscribe too.  Nice for those not on Facebook, or if Facebook keeps hiding the posts from pages that you really want to hear from.  

Below is what I shared on my Facebook pages-
Facebook announced last week that page posts aren't showing up in people's news feeds unless they are paid ads.  Now, that isn't a big deal if one is sharing a joke or a vacation photo, but if one is sharing pets that need a home then it doesn't do the pet much good if people can't see the post.  Like the falling tree in the forest- does it make a sound if no one is there to see or hear it? 

So while I'll continue to share posts here on Facebook, I will also be sharing them on Flipboard.  That way with a quick flick of your thumb, you can see all that is new.  Not just what Facebook chooses to show you. 

If you use Flipboard, there should be a subscribe button near the top.  And if not, download the app in the App Store, or Google Play. 

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