Would you buy this plate?

I had to share this image, even if it's not a new painting. It's from an old painting way back in 2004 or so. I am working on a plate border designs in photoshop. This is only the top portion. A sneak peek, for your eyes only.

Would you buy this if you saw it in Neiman Marcus? Target? Walmart? Goodwill?
Click on the image and it will enlarge a bit.


Bonnie said...

Hi Andy, I would buy that plate and some bowls and cups to match. I love it. XXOO, B

katherine said...

yes I would but it as a plate... but have you though about fabric design? I could see this as a focal fabric for a whole line!

sallysfineart said...

I have just connected with your site through AW. Fantastic! I'm marking it as a favorite and will return.

Yes, definately I would love to buy dinnerward of this design. I don't even collect the stuff. A serving bowl would be right up my ally. Lovely design.
Sally Pulford

Sandy said...

I would buy it in Target or a thrift store. Not Neiman Marcus cause I don't shop there. But I love the pattern but mostly the colors.

clarelittle said...

I would buy the plate ! It's different. I always go after warm colors and fall colors.

Laura Zarrin said...

Love it! Yes I would buy it. I loved the colors and the layered look of the art. Very nice.


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