Limited Edition Christmas/ Holiday Ornaments

For a few years, I have wanted to offer a line of holiday ornaments. Signed limited editions that would only be available for that particular calendar year. For example, 2007 ornament available until Dec 31, 2007, and then retired.

I never have been able to decide on 1 image though. And then the question, would it have to be holly berries, snow, horse carriages, and santa?

I know that some people put up themed christmas trees around a design or a collection- all blue and white, all natural elements, etc. I like a more eclectic look. Choosing items that mean the most to me. Even if they don't all match a color or theme scheme.

Beginning the 2nd week of November, the 2007 ornaments will be released. I know they'll be a dog one, a cat one, and maybe a floral one. Still deciding, and they need some tweaking with photoshop, as rectangular paintings don't always look so great when cropped into a circle (You can tell by the mockups above).

If you have a comment, suggestion, or just want to root for your favorite, :-) ,
leave a comment below.


TheresaJ said...

Great idea! What would the base for the paining be though? Just curious?

I like that you aren't going to make them Christmas themed, but rather follow the original integrity of the painting. This way they can be given as gifts to those who don't celebrate Christmas, but rather another other holiday. They can also possibly be left out all year in that perfect little spot. :)

Andy Mathis said...

oops, left out that little detail.

The image is sublimated onto porcelain. Signed on the back. s


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