"Lucky" Dog

People often ask about pics of patients, so here's one that has been boarding for a few days. (click on the photos and they will enlarge a bit).

Can a dog get any skinnier? Not sure about his story. He was found out in the middle of nowhere. Most lab puppies weigh 10-13 lbs when they come in to start their vaccines at 6 weeks old. Here's one that weighs 14.5 lbs at 5-6 months old.

He has been here for the past 3 days, he was quite wormey, but this is more than just worms. Not sure if he was lost, not fed, trapped somewhere, etc.

He's eating and has gained a lb. already in 3 days.

Oh, and his name is Lucky. as he is lucky to be alive, lucky to be found, lucky that someone didn't shoot him, etc.


fernfiddlehead said...

My dog sort of looked like that when we first got her. She's healthy now. Hope Lucky finds a home..

We just adopted a cat from a Brooklyn backyard. She's wormy.

Melanie said...

Poor guy! Hope someone takes him in. He needs a forever home.

I did Eskie rescue for a while - saw many sad lookin' pups. Such a shame...

Andy Mathis said...

Sorry, I wasn't clear about that.

Lucky does have a home, they just didn't want him around their other pets till they knew he wouldn't pass parasites, fleas, or anything infectious to them. So they boarded him for a few days.

Not sure, if they plan on keeping him permanently, or find him another home when he doesn't look so poorly, and is a little more adoptable.
Either way, he's in good hands at the moment.


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