Feline Leukemia- Video on Youtube

While I was uploading the short little videos of Priscilla, I came across this video of LoverBoy, a kitten who succumbed to Feline Leukemia back in Nov 2006. It's really well done, and I had to share it.

(12/10/10- I need to clarify something when I said this was well done.  This video originally had a different background musical track.  And then the video wasn't available for a long time.  I suspect it was pulled by youtube for a copyright violation of the music.  Now it's back with a different soundtrack.   I'm not a fan of the new music, but I still like the video sequences. In case you are wondering, about my "really well done" statement" as if I have totally lost my mind.)


Mishkat said...

This is a wonderful video - thanks for linking to it. It made me cry, but it's a beautiful tribute.

Brenda Griffith said...

I really wanted to see it, but it is now listed as removed due to copyright issues...

Andy Mathis said...

Well, what a shame.

It was over 2 years old. With photos and video clips of a cat playing with its human family, and other cat.
With the background music of "somewhere out there" by Linda Ronstdt and ? - Peabo Bryson? Jeffery Osborne? Not sure.

Dr. Nancy Allen, DVM said...



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