Meet Priscilla

This little stray kitten I've named Priscilla. Cute isn't she? I think she's going to be a long-haired cat.

She was brought in about 10 days ago. This past Monday was a week. To be euthanized.
I am not certain what her story was, or what really happened to her. I was told she was a feral kitten rescued from the jaws of the German Shepherd. And maybe she was, I don't know. I kept saying, "Really?" with 1 eyebrow raised. I look at the kitten. "Really?" Look again. "Really?"
No puncture wounds. No bite wounds. More importantly, NOT covered in dog slobber.

She was paralyzed in her rear legs. Couldn't stand up. But she did have some sensation in them, as she could feel you pinch her toes.

So I asked the lady who brought her in, "Do you want to keep her?" "No".
"Do you want to treat her?" "No". Well, that doesn't leave many options, I'm afraid.
"So you want to euthanize her?" "I guess so." So she paid to have her euthanized.

On day 1, that was a possibility.
But, it doesn't mean that I have to euthanize her right then, there, that minute. She didn't seem to be in a lot of pain.

So, Priscilla and I had a little talk later. Who didn't have a name at the time.
"Little Girl", I said.
"Sir?", she said.
"Are you in pain? Do you want to be euthanized today? Or had you rather hang in there for a few days and see if you mend?", I asked.
"Well, I can't feel my back feet very well, or move them at the moment, but other than that, I'm just peachy", she replied. "Would you mind terribly expressing my bladder? Girl's got to go pee-pee."

And so I did. Twice a day.

By Friday, she could move her left rear leg, a little more than the right one. Still couldn't stand though. This week she started standing. You can see her short videos I shot today.

She's not back 100 percent yet, as you can see her knuckling under her feet, so she still has some proprioceptive deficients (ie, she doesn't know exactly where those feet really are). But I think she'll get there eventually.

Also, while I was uploading the videos to youtube, the world's greatest encyclopedia :), I came across a really well done, sweet video of a kitten who passed away from feline leukemia. I am not embedding it in this link. But if you follow the link below to my blog, it is in a post below this one.

It's really worth watching. It'll make you cry, make you laugh, make you appreciate your pets while you have them with you.


esque said...

What a trooper! I would have kept her if I was that woman! I am confident she'll walk and play like a kitten! Thank God for Vets like you who don't just euthanize but give little animals a chance!

Sandra Merwin said...

Way to Go, Andy!! You are such a very special man with a heart of gold!

Belinda Del Pesco said...

you are the rockinist vet on the planet. that little fur ball is a loaf of sweet.

Anonymous said...

oh so sweet, you are a good vet, letting that kitty live. if I lived closer, I'd adopt her.

Anonymous said...

She's absolutely beautiful! You can just see her will to be better! From my unprofessional theorizing - a kitten who was ready to lay down and die wouldn't be playing and mewling and up and walking even with some bum legs.

What will happen to her once she gets well? will you try to find her a home? I wish I could adopt her. She's just so precious.

Thank you for taking care of these precious animals!

renee said...

I'm so happy that you took the chance on her! She's so sweet. Think she'd make it to Maryland? I've got a sneezy little one who I'm sure could keep her entertained :)

selectdesign said...

What a darling kitten - and she has a very determined look about her! I think she WILL get there, and thanks be to you for giving her the chance!


Mishkat said...

Thanks so much for helping Priscilla - she's a beautiful kitten. Sending purrs and best wishes for her complete recovery!

auryndesign said...

Aw man - what a wonderful story. You are my hero, really, this brought me to tears. I'm really hoping the best for her.

Andy Mathis said...

wow, I just wanted to thank everyone for reading my posts and taking the time to comment.

To answer your question, specifically about finding her a home. She needs to get a little better, and be able to urinate on her own, without me expressing her bladder. Once she's there, then I can post her photo and info, probably on petfinder, to see if I can find her a home.

Thanks for asking.

Brenda Griffith said...

She is adorable! And we live close, and our 16 year-old cat died this past fall... I hope she makes it through, and thank you for taking care of her.

I have my fingers crossed for Hemispheres--thanks for the good wishes!

ellie said...

Andy, what a wonderful story and what a wonderful Vet you are. My little dog, Murphy became blind when he was 6 years old (genetic) and he lived a happy, fulfilling life until he passed away at 17. There never was a happier dog. Thank you for giving Priscilla a chance.

RunzwithScissors said...

Was that her little mewing on Priscilla 2? I hope she gets better. I did have a kitten once who had a fever when tiny, and suffered brain damage (smarts not there) and had trouble balancing to pee. We had to hold him up for a long time. Hopefully Priscilla will figure it all out. Thanks so much for the story!

Diane Morgan said...

Oh, Andy...what a wonderful story. Look forward to hearing more about her progress. Ellie told the ArtColony about her. You're going to be getting lots of atta boy's!

Mary Jansen said...

What a sweet little soul! Thanks for giving her a second chance Andy! The world could use more sensitive people like you!

Michael said...

I really would love to adopt pricilla! She is beautiful! What continuing medical needs would she require? you say that she has to be outside? Well i am not allowed to have an inside kitten and have been looking for just the right kitten to spoil as 'an outside kitty' Will i be able to keep her outside ~hmmmm, some of the time, but i definitely would need to cuddle her a lot. If you haven't found her a home, please email me at (uk address, but i now live in Georgia not too far from you) Thank you


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