It's November- We don't need no flea stuff.

Right? Now that the chill is in the air (exluding those reading from the Southern Hemisphere), that's what you are thinking, right?

It's Winter, fleas go away in the winter. . . . . . I can put away the flea stuff till May.

Let's ask Sasha.  and see what she says about no flea stuff. Or flea medication from the Wal-Mart. (Which is what she was using.)

Sasha is a 3 year old Pekingese who came in a few minutes ago.  She was itchy and ADR (ain't doing right).   Okay.   A little closer look,  and one can see why she ain't doing right.

She was well on her way to the same fate as Belle, the little cat, you saw 2 weeks ago.  She's a little anemic, but not to the degree that Belle was. It helps that she is a little larger (more blood volume). 

Her owner was just mortified when she saw the amounts of fleas that fell off.  I was a little surprised as well.  She mentioned something about photos, and I chuckled a little and told her, I don't take photos to turn people in to the SPCA or anything.  I take photos and share them so hopefully they might help another pet and keep them from suffering the same problem.  No one believes me when I tell them fleas can be a problem.  People have to see photos.         No worries. No one is going to jail. 

So what does Sasha say about her flea medication?   It looks like that Walmart stuff is working well. . . .it looks very effective. . .  you probably could skip a month or two. 
Sasha says , "No, not working too great at all."  (that's a big ass negatory, in case you are wondering)

Tonight is going to be the first night she's been able to sleep without creatures biting her. . . and if you have ever been bitten by fleas, you know they are not painless. Not to mention just annoying. 

(PS-  Turkey/Bobby left onTuesday with his new owner, in case you were wondering.  I haven't heard back from him, so he must be getting along splendidly with the other dogs.)


Skonbull French Bulldogs said...

Poor little thing!!!

Alice Thompson said...

This is shocking and so disturbing as was Belle's case. I can only see this as animal cruelty. There is no way for an owner not to know that this was happening. Right? I think they should be reported. Just one flee on a dog or cat is too many. How can a responsible loving owner have let it get this bad? These examples are outrageous. I'm glad you are there to help them. I just hope the relief isn't temporary. Hope though is probably not enough. You must witness animal neglect all the time Dr. Mathis. Very frustrating.

Andy Mathis said...

Hi Alice-
That does look sort of bad doesn't it. There are several issues going on. Fleas can get bad very quickly, and oftentimes people spend way more than they might would have if they had called me first. A few years ago, I had a client who had a pug. Her named was Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue usually had fleas, not quite as bad as Sasha's. I could get a dose of flea stuff on her while she was here, but there was no convincing her owner that the stuff from the hardware store was not as effective as what I had.

Another sort of amusing story concerning fleas-- A few years ago, a sort of elderly lady brought her poodle in. He had a moderate number of fleas on him. When I said, "Maam, this is why he's scratching, he's got fleas." She said, "He must have got them from the waiting room." And she seriously believed that.

(There is no carpet in the waiting room, and she was there for every bit of 2 minutes, if any.)

Some days, I just can't win. :)

Art with Liz said...

You have some serious flea problems over there Andy! As you rightly said, Summer is here and it's tick season, so have to watch where we go and constantly check. Over here we can only get flea stuff from the vet!


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