Where Dat Bus Be?

 Well, today is the day.  In about an hour and a half,  Princess will be headed on her way to the hippest and hottest (kewlest) place on the East Coast. Miami Beach.  Where the young and beautiful people live.  She might even meet a Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, or Diddy. 

She's got her luggage packed and ready to go. 

 All right, Mr. Chauffeur Man. Now, where you be?

 Unfortunately though, there was no Limousine service to Miami.  Or First Class Airline Service. Or no service that anyone offered to pay for, put it that way.  So Princess will be styling and profiling, hitching along, in a semi-truck hauling granite.   It's a glamorous life, let me tell ya.  Like Fergie sings, G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS.  Glamorous.

So, if you happen to see a big rig driver, somewhere between here and South Florida, walking a fluffy, prissy little dog, in a pink halter top (the dog, not the driver) , don't be so judgmental.   

That's just Princess. Safe travels to you, Girlfriend.

PS- If you recall,  the owner of Princess  got moved to an assisted care facility, a few weeks ago, in Miami.  This will be the first time she has seen her in about a month.  She did call last week to check on her. She sounded good on the phone.  Her daughter called today,  and said that every time the doorbell rings at the facility, her owner hopes it's Princess.  Since I told her last week, she would be arriving this week.

So I am sure she'll be tickled to see her.  They might have to give her oxygen or something. . .  dart her with a tranquilizer gun, etc.  (not princess, her owner)


Diane Morgan said...

Well, Andy....Princess might even meet me! I'm going to Miami Beach for Christmas :-}

Andy Mathis said...

Do they have chimneys for Santa there?

Never been myself. It's always fun to travel during the holidays, everything decorated, etc. Have a jolly good time.

Anonymous said...

AWW - safe travels Miss Princess - I know that will be one sweet reunion!!

Michele said...

Huge thanks to the Truck (Big Rig) Driver for giving his time to transport Princess to her Queen Mum! Little does he know how valuable his selfless act will be.


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