WhoDoo-a rescued Calico Kitten

The name is short for "Who Do You Think You Iz?"

She was found at the rec dept. ball field along with 3 siblings a few weeks ago.  The person called their Mom, a client, who said to bring them home.  They were only about 4 weeks old. Too young to be weaned.  By the time he got home, 3 had been pawned off on other people.  It's a bit easier to bottle feed 1 kitten than 4 . . . .

Of course, with a name like WhoDoo,  she'll probably have to learn to answer to YayWho, YooHoo, AnyHoo, HooHa, YoYo, etc.   Oh wait . . .  she's a Calico, she answers to no one. . . . .

She was in for her second vaccinations last week, so she's now about 10 weeks old.   If you are local, she might be up for adoption.  Expect to be tested  and jump through a few hoops though, as no looking for a home at the Walmart parking lot, for this little girl.

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Skeezix the Cat said...

She's adorable!!!! Will you be at BlogPaws?


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