The Immaculate Conception of Jill

Y'all remember Jibby, right?  From last summer?   Her post. She was a stray that showed up at her owner's home.  A sort of different looking mixed breed dog.  Her ears and the texture of her hair remind me of a Shar-pei.  Does she remind anyone else of a frog? Just me?

While at first glance, she might not be considered the prettiest dog, she makes up for it in personality and character.

So last summer she got her shots, treated for heartworms, etc.  and everything was fine until November.  Black Friday- the day after Thanksgiving.  When this thing popped out.
First of March- her 3rd puppy vaccination.

Meet Jill.  

So while y'all were outside, standing in line, waiting for the mall to open, Jill arrived in this world.  Just her.  No one knew Jibby was with child . . .  No one saw her in heat . . . .  or any male dogs hanging around. . . . and what medium sized dog has only 1 puppy?  It had to be divine intervention and immaculate conception.  Just like Jesus.

End of March- her last puppy vaccination.

So Jill, being the only puppy, has her choice of 10 dining locations. Some days it might be a table upstairs,  next day downstairs . . . next to rear leg . . .  a front leg next to an elbow. . . . lots of options.
Sort of like me at Fat Tuesdays with all those frozen drink machines.  Same thing.

So when Jill came in for her first vaccinations at 6 weeks old, her body was way too big for her head.   That was understandable as she had been eating for at least 8.

This past week, this Mother and Daughter pair decided to make a day of it.  While some ladies go to the spa, shoe shopping, get their nails done, etc.,  these two decided to have their lady parts removed.   This was them the next day.  Don't they look thinner, relaxed, and refreshed? 


Rebecca said...

What a pretty pair they are, fresh from their "spa" treatments!

nfmgirl said...

Jill's temperament and the way she carries herself reminds me of my Zook. Sweet dogs!

moonie said...

very beautiful ladies, and patient.

moonie said...

pretty pretty ladies, and patient, too. they'll be a fun pair


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