Happy New Year Everybody.

Yes, I realize that it is now the 10th of January.  Happy 10th of January, then. 

I had to look back to see what was last posted to begin to catch you up to speed.   I posted about KiKi on the 28th.  You saw a long video where Jimmy got out of his cage on the 27th.  Well, things have progressed rather quickly from there, and Jimmy is now walking outside on a leash, for about the last week.

Here he was barking while I was petting Bert.  This was on the 29th. 

The next day we stumbled onto the fact that Jimmy likes playing with a squeaky toy.  So much so that he seems to forget to be as scared as he was before.  He'll even venture out of his cage to retrieve the squeaky toy.

This was shot on the first of January.  Jimmy was making progress getting out of his cage.

I think it was the 3rd or 4th, that is was so cold.  Bert was outside and we tried to get a better photo of him. He didn't seem to mind the cold. You can see the whole set of photos here at Flickr. 

One the 3rd, Jimmy  tried going outside.  Ginger was out for a walk, and Jimmy was out in front of his cage, so we tried to see if he would walk to the door, or step outside. Depending on his mood.  We didn't try going too far from the door, just in case we needed to come back inside in a hurry.

On the 4th, Ginger went out for her midday walk, and I just happened to take the video camera with me.  You can see what she does.  This was the first time we had seen her do this.  She now does it everytime that she goes walking in the field.

It was also on this day, the 4th, the Jimmy ventured out of the building, and walked around outside. He was still a bit spooked by it all. Now he has gone on long walks and is doing better. I am still not sure that he would come to me if off the leash though. I uploaded this video to Vimeo as Youtube was taking so long to upload the previous one of Ginger.  Vimeo doesn't allow embedding of video without an upgraded account.  So it you want to see it, you'll have to watch it there at Vimeo.

So I think that gets you back up to speed on what has been going on around here for the past week.

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