Opal- Shar Pei Puppy

Have a nice weekend, everybody.

This is Opal. A 11-12 week old SharPei puppy that came in the other day for her 2nd puppy vaccination.  We don't see too many of these around.   She came from the Atlanta area, I think.

Poor thing- about 20 minutes after getting her booster and getting back home- her head swelled up like a basketball.  Her eyes were red and swollen shut, muzzle all swollen, etc.  She had to get a shot of cortisone and benadryl.  She was fine, and the swelling was about half way gone by the end of the afternoon after a benadryl induced nap.   She could see a little. 

Next time, she'll get a dose or two of benadryl before getting her vaccine.

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