How to Block the Game Requests on Facebook

Consider this a public service announcement.

I don't know about you, but I don't play games on Facebook, and it is annoying to see notifications pop up all the time.  You log in, think you have a notification for something important . . . grrr. 

Here is how to turn those off.  It is sort of hidden. 

Click the Notifications tab button at the very top. And then click on See All Notifications on the Drop Down Menu.

 Find the Notification from the Game that you want to turn off.

Move the cursor to the right hand side, and you'll see a little grey X magically appear. 

Click on the X, and Change to Notifications to "Never, Never, and Forever" 

Well, maybe the second Never and Forever isn't an option, but you get the idea. Save the Settings, and proceed to do a Happy Dance around the Room, Desk, or Cubicle. Whatever the case my be. 

U R Welcome.

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