Jimmy Got Loose Today.

Yes, that's right. He did.  And not on purpose. 

When we first started walking Jimmy on a leash, we knew that we couldn't use anything that he could chew through very easily.  So the ski rope leashes and retractable nylon ones were out.  We were looking for one of the old fashioned chain ones.   As leashes go, they aren't very functional as they hurt your hand to hang onto if the dog pulls away.   I searched at a few pet stores and couldn't find one.  It just so happened that we had an old one left in a box of leftover leashes and collars. 

It's only about 5 foot long.  And eventhough he no longer offers to bite the leash, we were still walking him on it.  Sometimes I would hook the retractable leash to the end, and let out a foot or two of slack, to lengthen his leash just a little.

Well, today . . .  we were walking over in the field,  chain leash on Jimmy, retractable leash in my hand, and I feel it give and drop to the ground.   Jimmy was up front, and he kept trotting right along.  I wasn't sure what he would do or what fun adventure was about to start.  I probably uttered a few choice expletives. 

He got about 20-30  yards from me, and by calling him, I got him to turn around.   I knelt down on the ground.  I am not sure that he realized that he was actually loose or not. I think he might have came back out of curiosity.  I was able to get my hand on his collar, and hook the retractable leash to it.  The rest of the walk was uneventful, but he did seem to like having more freedom to wander. 

You can see where the little clip thing broke in half.

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