Shelter Pet Magazine is 90% alive. Finally.

The Sept issue of Shelter Pet Magazine has turned into a late October issue.   I thought I was being careful about which company I chose to publish the App in the first place. I chose wrong.   It has been one delay after another . . .  Apple was billing people in the App store, but the company wasn't delivering the magazine.  The company had outsourced the project to someone in Germany who refused to look for the problem, and kept saying the App worked perfectly.  So I had no choice but to pull the App from the App store.   Anyone want to buy several unused Apps? only slight defective?  it'll only cost a few thousand dollars for the set. . .

But I found another company to put the App together correctly for the App Store.  It should be in Apple Newsstand in a few days.  So if you have an iPad you might want to wait on that version.

If you don't have an iPad, the issue IS also available at

On MagCloud you can do a few things.  You can read it on your iPad with MagCloud's iPad App.  You can read it on your computer with their WebViewer.  If you download the PDF, the hyperlinks will work from your computer.  You can also read the downloaded PDF on an Android tablet if you have one of those.  So you'ze got options.

The photos are low resolution, designed for a digital publication, so I would avoid the printed version all together.

Shelter Pet Magazine
72 pages, published 10/16/2012
Shelter Pet Magazine is dedicated to helping homeless pets find a home. To advocate and encourage adoptions and fostering, and to help rescue groups place their rescues so other pets can be saved. You'll also meet people behind the scenes using their time and talent to make help make a difference. This particular issue was designed for digital publication. Some of the photos are low resolution and will be grainy if printed. Some of the…

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