Shelter Pet Magazine is finally alive in the App Store.

It's almost 2 months late, but it finally went live today.  And the app says it is compatible with iphones and ipod touch.  I am not sure how convenient it is to read a magazine on an iphone, but if it works, that is a nice and unplanned benefit.

It is still available at if someone wants to read it on their computer, or download the pdf to read on their Android tablet.

Here's the Link to the App Store.  If you download it, and you like it, please take a few minutes to rate it or leave a comment in the App store. I think it helps with visibility, and the more people that read it, maybe that'll be more homes, or foster homes, for homeless pets.

Have a nice weekend.  Cheer on the Dawgs in Jacksonville if you happen to be at the World's Largest Cocktail Party.


Alisha said...

Hey. Any clue about when/if it'll be put on android? Personally, a lot of my friends/family that I would spread the word to are anti- Iphone and don't like the android pdf reader. Not looking to spark an android vs. iphone debate, just trying to be helpful...

Andy Mathis said...

Bummer. I am not sure about Android right yet, perhaps in the future, dunno.

The first company said they can code it for Android, or so they said, but they couldn't even code it correctly for iPad and refused to return the money I paid to them. . . So they are out.

The new publihing platform made it work for iPad, iPhone, and iPod, but i am fairly sure that they are not going to be offering Android coding anytime soon.

I emailed the pdf to someone to check the Android tablet, a few weeks ago, and they said it worked perfectly for them . . . but I didn't ask what tablet or what reader they were using.

abdala said...

what happened to Ginger? Was she adopted?

Andy Mathis said...

She is still here. There was a photo of her yesterday in my instagram feed- htttp://

There updates are also on my Facebook page- search for GraniteHillsVet.


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