I caught Boo, y'all.

Jimmy the Animal Control officer brought a live trap today. And we put it out beside the office where I had been feeding Boo.  Notice those teal wheels. Pretty fancy, isn't it?

Well,  Boo must be a fan of teal and turquoise.  Because look who was in it about 20 minutes later.

Now, here's the problem.  What to do with her?  She can't keep on living outside, wild, and soon be having puppies all over the place. 

Do I send her to the pound?   Do I keep her and try to tame her up,  spay her, and try to find her a home?  I already have 3 foster dogs, and then there is Lena who I rescued in January.   I haven't showed you Lena, have I?   Well, she was another sad case who is doing much better now.  The foster dogs are putting me in the poor house according to my Mother.  (She is not a pet fan, even with 2 sons who are veterinarians) .

So after discussing it with the animal control officer, he could take her, but she would not have anyone to spend time with her to tame her up, as he is out on a call all the time.  Which means she'd never get adopted.

If she was the least bit aggressive, he would have to put her to sleep, because of the liability issue if someone gets bit.  Thankfully, she is more scared than anything- having the catch pole on her neck did freak her out a bit. 

So, she is now inside the building in the cat room. Staying here to see if I can tame her up.   I can sort of pet her on the back, but she is very scared so I am giving her some space.  If you remember Jimmy, it took him almost 2 months to be able to walk outside on a leash. I'm thinking Boo will tame up a little faster.  She has her adult teeth in, so I'm guessing she is between 6 months and a year old.

I sat my iPad in front of her cage this afternoon, and livestreamed her for about an hour.  Mostly just her sitting there.  You can watch the recorded video by clicking here.

If anyone happens to find any spare change in the couch cushions, and would like to donate it to the BOO fund, she would appreciate it greatly.  And if anyone wants to consider adopting her, let me know as well. 


vic said...

Oh, what a face! If I didn't live in Indiana, had a fenced in yard, and didn't have three cats already she would be coming home with me. After, of course, you had spent your time taming her down.

What a softy you are! How lucky for those animals.

DJ said...

She's a cutie! You're doing great work with her. I'd take her if she's good with other dogs and she can get to upstate NY somehow :)


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