Meet Boo Radley, y'all.

Two or three weeks ago, Taylor mentioned that a brown dog was lying on a junk sofa that someone dragged out to the road in front of the mini storage warehouses next door.   I didn't see the dog later so figured he belonged to someone in the neighborhood. 

A day or so later,  I spotted him up at a old mobile home trailer two lots up the road.  Last week, I saw him a few more times and realized that he probably isn't anyone's dog, and is living in the woods around this trailer. 

He's very skiddish and takes off if you get closer than 30-50 yards from him.  So spooked by everything that I nicknamed him Boo Radley.   So at the end of last week, I started feeding him hoping that I might be able to catch him before he gets ran over, or in a fight, or has puppies, etc.

At first we could not tell if he was a he or a she, but we think now that it is a SHE.  So it is Miss Boo Radley now.  The photos below were shot with a telephoto lens, so that gives you an idea how far I was away, clear across my parking lot.

She looks rather young.  I spoke to the dog catcher, and he is probably gonna have to set out a trap to try and catch her.  I've been feeding her once or twice a day for the past few days, and she doesn't seem any more trusting than to start with.

To see the whole set of photos on Flickr- Click Here.

On Sunday morning, I set up my camcorder on a tripod outside, and she found the food about 30 minutes later.   You can see how flighty she is. 

If the dog catcher can catch her, I am not sure what her fate is going to be.  I doubt he'll want to spend time trying to tame her up, but I know that she can't be living in the woods and having puppies all over the place.  So I'll worry about that later, and just concentrate on feeding her and trying to catch her for the time being. 

Anyone want a cute brown dog? medium-ish hair coat length?  doesn't even bark, etc. . . . .


Blackfeatherfarm said...

I'll be happy to post her photo on FB when she is caught.. I live in Oklahoma, but have doggy FB friends from all over..... a character from To Kill a Mocking Bird... I love it.

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks. I spoke to the dog catcher today and he'll be putting out a live trap sometime- probably will be next week at the earliest.

I've been feeding her each day. Her more frequent updates are at Granite Hills Facebook page-


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