Boo- 03/06/13

This is Boo's video from yesterday.  There are some subtle changes with her. She stands and sits up more in her cage.  If I go in her cage though, she still wants to plant herself on the floor.   She'll let me touch her all over . . .  she'll even stand up if touch her stomach which is new for her. 

We haven't tried moving her out of the cage yet.  There are floor drains under the grates, and the floor is sloped, so any urine runs toward the drain- it makes thing easy to clean up.  And the reason she started off in the cat room cages, is that they are taller. If she was a climber, it would be more difficult to get out of those than the regular cages in the back. 

We haven't seen a tail wag yet, but if I remember correctly, it took Jimmy 2-3 weeks to wag his tail, and then when he did it was at Bert first.  So I'm thinking it might do Boo good to have a little more contact with the other dogs.  There was another dog in the cat room Monday and Tuesday of this week, but she was more scared of people than Boo is.  You probably didn't think that was even possible, lol.   But, Moosha was not a good example of normal dog behavior for Boo. 

Getting her in the building involved a catch pole, and it was rather traumatic for her, never having anything around her neck.  I've ordered her a chain leash that she can't chew through so easily, and when it gets here,  I can attach it to her collar and start getting her accustomed to it.   And if you remember it took Jimmy a few days  to get out of his cage, and even then, I had to sort of make him get out. 

So that is the plan for the next few days- attempt to move to the other cage in the cat room, or move to a cage in the back, and look for the first tail wag. 


vic said...

I think you should rename her Honey. She has such a sweet face and her fur is definitely honey colored.

Andy Mathis said...

Honey ?!? As in Honey BooBoo? lol.

Someone the other day mentioned Bella. Bella Boo.

Belinda Del Pesco said...

Such a sweet faced girl... she seems way more relaxed taking the food from your hand. Baby steps. Good job, good sir.

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Miss B. is a sweetie. Do you think she was completely feral or a part of a household without proper care? In the pictures she looks to be a good weight and her coat is shiny.

Andy Mathis said...

The dog catcher thinks she might have been a puppy from a pack of feral dogs that live in the woods nearby. He can catch the puppies, but never the adults.

She wasn't that underweight, but I had been feeding her for 2 weeks prior to her getting caught. And there is plenty of trash to scrouge through- lots of people up the road probably throw out table scraps, etc.

Anne said...

I wouldn't change her name at all. I LOVE the name Boo and I think it suits her perfectly. She is such a cutie.

Julie grzembski said...

oh awesome. thanks for responding. :) Did Jimmy ever get a home?

Andy Mathis said...

Yes, and No. I adopted him from the pound, and was fostering Rosie, Bert, and Ginger.

However, he passed away mid May 2012- complications from heartworms, caval syndrome, and DIC.


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