Update on Boo.

We finally saw a tail wag from Boo.  First it was towards Lena.  and now she'll do it for me. 

Last week, she moved from the cat room, to the dog kennel, and that seemed to be good for her.  Seeing, smelling, and watching the other dogs.  She'll step out of her cage on a leash.  And just yesterday, she'll get back in her cage without me having to pick her up.  That is new. 

Over the weekend, I let her out with Blue, a pit bull puppy.  Blue was abandoned by her owner a week or so ago, when he (owner) decided to not pay his vet bill when Blue ate rat poison.  She (Blue) is fine now, but that is another story, for another day . . . .

I've been trying to get Boo to follow Blue or Lena outside on a leash,  and she doesn't want to do that yet.  What she does want is for them to come back inside and play.    This was Boo and Blue on Sunday- their first play episode.  

I'll try to tape her and Lena playing  tomorrow.  You can see her confidence growing.

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