Got Kittens?

A stray Mama cat moved kittens under a client's porch a few weeks ago.  She already has several cats, so she can't keep them.   Mama Cat has disappeared or something happened to her, so it is just the kittens now. 

She hates to send them to the pound. Someone was going to take them on Monday, but was a no-show.  Upon further consideration, that would not have been an ideal situation.  So I went and photographed them yesterday, to share around, to see if I can help find them a home. 

They are SOOOOO  cute.  Probably 6-7 weeks old now. Eating on their own just fine.

If you are local-ish and looking for a kitten, let me know.  Please feel free to download photos from flickr and share them with your friends and family.

Photos on Flickr.


Miccosukee said...

Oh dear, just what I didn't need to see. A beautiful little calico kitty. Keep saying to self, "No more cats, no more cats!"

Andy Mathis said...

Resistance is futile!
Cute little tortie calicos are just too powerful . . . .the only thing more powerful might be a if she had added a cute little head tilt . . . .


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