Amaryllis an Clayboard- a work in progress

I worked on this for all of about 30 minutes last night. Not much. Just floated in some color for the background- quinacridone gold, and antwerp blue (? I think) mixed with a little grey still on my palette. It'll go much darker to offset the light shining on the amaryllis.

Trying to do glazing on paper or clayboard is spread out time wise even on a small painting such as this. It's 5x7 inches. Each layer needs to dry completely, which oftens means overnight, before adding more layers.


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Looks great! Will check back to see the end result...

Cicada Studio said...

Can't wait to see where it goes! Your pendants look great.

Jennifer said...

Saw your work on etsy. Love the cats and dogs. Should of went to vet school myself for equine.
Keep up the great artwork!


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