Lynne Farris Gallery in Atlanta

Drum Roll, please. . . . . . . .

I have paintings displayed in a downtown Atlanta gallery- Lynne Farris Gallery.

It is located inside the Hurt Building very close to downtown, off Peachtree Street, not far from the entrance to underground Atlanta. 50 Hurt Plaza is the address. I am not sure about the hours, I do know they are open by appointments some also. The phone number is 404-688-7311.

So if you happen to be wandering around downtown, take a look. If you happen to be LOST downtown, take a look too. and ask for directions to get where you want to go.

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freerangebob said...

I really like your YUPO paintings. Your dog portraits are excelent. I have been experimenting with yupo recently and find that it is a lot of fun and you get some interesting and unexpected results. It has been helping me loosen up in my painting. Th color really are vivid. I tend to "fiddle too much and this as you know reacts mud but with yupo I have to leave it alone and let the paint do what it wants to do.
You noted that you varnish your paintings, what varnish do you use?
I assume you must spray it on. I have thought about trying an acrylic workable fixative.


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