House for Sale: Furnished with a Stove. And a Cat.

Hello everyone,
Sorry about the blurry photos. Let me tell you about this strange twist of fate today.

Pictured above is TarBaby. You first saw her video and story back in June. I caught her lounging in the window above the kennels in the cat room a little earlier.

I had not heard anything from the family in 6 weeks or so. So I called today.
TarBaby's Mom is hanging in there, but isn't well. Physically or mentally. She doesn't remember TarBaby, they think.

The strange, but wonderful, news is this.
Earlier today, the family happened to close on the sell of the house. A couple is moving back from Colorado and is buying the house. She grew up next door to Mrs. N.
While they were filling out the closing papers, they got to talking about Ms. N, her declining health, and TarBaby.

The couple came by, on their way home, to see TarBaby. They are strongly considering adopting TarBaby and letting her move back to the house, when they actually move the first of September.

Is sort of give me chills to think about this sequence of events, and how this possibly might end up with TarBaby getting to move back to "her" house. The house she's known for the last 10 years. Here's hoping it all works out.

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Mishkat said...

I so hope this works out for TarBaby! She's beautiful, by the way.


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