Pet Insurance

This might be a good time to mention why pet insurance can be a good thing.

Angel, the puppy with the fractures, was euthanized yesterday afternoon. Even with surgery, the long-term prognosis was guarded, and I'm not sure what the orthopedic surgeon would say, as we never got that opportunity.

The reality is that with such trauma cases, it comes done to the cost of treatment. Not the treatment options or prognosis. Now, I admit, even I would have trouble coming up with thousands of dollars for diagnostic tests, surgery. Everyone's situation is different.

And I'm not being critical of the decision. In hindsight, Angel only came to the hospital because she had gotten ran over. Did she get her puppy vaccinations? No. Was she receiving flea or heartworm medication? No. Was she covered in fleas? Yes. Spayed? No.
She could have died from parvovirus in a month. So the most basic of care, for a puppy, was lacking. And that only cost $35. So if $35 is a financial burden, then $3500 is probably out of reach also.

$3500 is probably out of reach for lots of people. Even those making sure they get the basic care - vaccinations, flea medication, heartworm prevention. This is where pet insurance can save your pet. It is much easier to come up with a $75 deductible, and 20% of the bill ($700) than the full $3500 out of pocket.

We have a few clients that have pet insurance, but not many. I think it's something that people don't realize it's available until they need it and then it's too late.

Two of the companies that we recommend to clients is Pets Best and VPI. Click on their links and check them out.


Anonymous said...

Great posts! Very interesting info on Sassy and important thoughts to consider on the puppy. Left to my own free will, I would adopt every dog, cat and horse that I come across. Fortunately, my rational side kicks in and tells me what I can afford. My pets are members of my family. The cost of their healthcare needs to be considered in any adoption situation.
...on a lighter note - I think Tigger has stardom in his future:)

TheresaJ said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm always reminding myself that this is something I need to look into, but then don't get around to actually doing the research. Your post put the info, as well as your valuable recommendation, right in front of me, which is much appreciated. No excuses now...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I always thought that pet insurance required a big OOP and then reimbursement. My curious Siberian Huskies thank you too.


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