Spoonflower Fabrics arrived today

For those who don't know about, it's a new website start-up that prints fabric . All done online. Very neat idea.

I ordered these 3 small swatches, as I knew the colors would be off. Colors are always off, when you change printers, change media, etc. Eventhough I can print the file on paper, and it looks fine, it doesn't mean it will look fine printed on fabric with a different printer.

What would be dandy if Spoonflower had a set-up fee, and a way to proof the colors before a larger order is placed. But they don't, not yet anyways, so it's best to order a small sample to try and tweak the file before ordering yards of fabric for various projects. Mine seems to be heavy on the yellow. The red tomatoes are almost florescent orange in real life. They don't look so bad on the monitor.

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