Basset Hound

Happy New Year, Everybody!!!!

Enjoying this nice summer weather we are having? I think that it is possible to die from suffocation by putting too many blankets, comforters, and down comforters on the bed. And this can happen before getting warm.

I was contacted last week, maybe week before, asking about Basset Hound paintings. It was from a Breed Rescue Group in NY, who is coming to the Atlanta Gift Show this week. So I said, no, but I'll see what I can do- as I need an excuse to paint something. So I went searching for reference photos. Found this one of a basset named Penelope.

So Penelope got yupo-fied in paint.

Portrait of a Basset (varnished watercolor on Yupo board, 5 x 7 inches)
$95 plus $6 domestic priority shipping

I have to say though, that blue background on my monitor looks garish in some areas. I should print the file and see how it compares to the original. The original is a dark blue that looks really nice with her fur.

You'll probably see this on pocket mirrors, coasters and bottle stoppers in the near future, along with a print. If you are interested in purchasing the original, I will be listing it in my Artfire shop.


Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Beautiful bassett hound. My sister-in-law has Cedric who is about 11. I will need to steer clear of bassett hound items for now. She received a leather purse with a bassett hound on it from Mom that was, let's say, not a good fashion accessory. I have to admit that everytime I have read Yupo painting in your blog I wondered exactly what that meant. I googled it today and learned something new about your painting techniques.

Shelly Gordon said...

Steer clear of basset hound items?! NO WAY! I have an online store EXCLUSIVELY for basset merchandise...and let's just say our site does pretty darn good! And...every penny goes to basset rescue!

If you don't want that basset purse, I'll be happy to take it off of your hands for a fundraiser.

Andy...painting is great...I'll see you in Atlanta this weekend to talk about an order.

Shelly Gordon


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