Beagle, anyone?

This is Stormy. He's a stray that showed up at a client's house Friday. It was storming, hence his name. They already have 3 other dogs, and 4-5 cats, so like the Inn at Bethlehem, they are about full.

They brought him in yesterday to have him checked out, and are going to try and find him a home rather than send him to the pound. I am posting his photos here and there, and on petfinder.

He's approximately a 1 1/2 years old, from looking at his teeth. Not neutered. He doesn't have any intestinal worms and is heartworm free. He got his vaccines while here too.

He gets along well with their other dogs and cats.

If anyone is interested in adopting him, or know someone who might be able to take him in, like a foster situation, let me know.

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