Boo Gets a Collar On.

and she didn't know what to think of it.

On Friday, you saw her figure out how to lick baby food off my fingers.  She finally pooped Friday night and with a fecal float, I found out that she is mild to moderately wormy.  Which wasn't a big surprise.  So she gets dewormer for 3 days. 

On Saturday, I opened a can of I/D dog food. Half of it was used for the dewormer and about half of it I made meatballs out of.  She'd pick them up off the floor and eat them, but wouldn't take them from my hand.  She would lick them a little but not with the same enthusiasm as the baby food the day before.  She ate the first dose of dewormer mixed in the canned food from the bowl when I left it in her cage. 

Yesterday, I opened both some baby food, and another can of I/D.  I set my ipad up on a chair in the room and ustreamed her eating.   With the meatballs, she still was reluctant to pick them up from my hand, but if I held them up high, I could sort of get her to take them and push them gently between her teeth. 

I was also able to get a collar on her too.  Notice how she wasn't even interested in baby food after putting the collar on her. 

If you want to watch the video on Ustream, go here.

Of course Lucky and Sunshine thought the baby food was for them.  It's "All about Me" with them. Photos on Flickr.


Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Your progress with Miss Boo is amazing for Day 3.. I am hopeful she can be rehabilatated to find a forever home. In preparation she should have a name for her journey. Those fluffy ears are darling and her eyes remind me of a Bella or Brandee or Madison.

DJ said...

Hope she gets used to the collar soon. And I had no idea dogs liked baby food so much.


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