Happy Friday everybody.

This is the latest update with Boo.

 Yesterday, she barked at me as she waited for me to open her cage to let her out. This was new as she had only been whimpering and whining before. Sort of like she does on the first part of this video. She wouldn't bark when I had the camera in my hands though. (Isn't that how it always is?)

 I did get her to step out the door last night. It was dark outside so maybe she felt safer under the cloak of darkness. Don't know. We didn't get too far from the door, and we didn't stay out long. But she did sniff around in the grass.

 This morning, she did actually follow Lena outside for a little walk. So that is all improvement for her. The second part of this video is from Wednesday when Lena and Boo were wrasslin'.


Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Wow! Great work socializing the girls.

Miccosukee said...

What great progress!! How big do you think Lena will eventually? Love all the grea work you do with dogs like Lena and Boo.


Andy Mathis said...

Lena is full grown. 25 lbs. is about as big as she is gonna be.

Julie grzembski said...

How is Boo, did she ever leave the hospital and find a home?

Andy Mathis said...

Hi Julie- Boo found a home back in September, with a family about an hour away. I've gotten an email update once or twice- she is fine. Her 4 year old Human was having to learn to put his toy trains away . . .


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