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I had a "whoa! moment" the other day when I found The Artful Home® catalog amongst the ususal junk mail. Seen it before? It is published by The Guild and features artisan crafted furniture, artwork, art glass,jewelry, and gift items. As the pictures prove, the catalog items are beautifully photographed. More items not seen in the catalog are available on the website. You can find the artists information there too.

(Click on the photos and they will open up in a larger window)

(the cover and these 3 photos- credit Eric Ferguson of White School Studios)

Certainly not the typical furnishings that one sees everywhere else. Many of the items are very limited. The coffee table above, for example. Only Seven are available for Fall. Seven. I think the prices reflect the quality, care, and time put into each piece.

Some of the artwork available.

And Art Glass. Now, I have a large dog, with a even larger tail, so Art Glass on the coffee table is out of the question. But aren't these nice.

(1st vase photo credit- Sahara Flat Vessel- Bob Barrett)

(photo credit-jewelry page- Hap Sakwa; clocks photo credit- Eric Ferguson)

The wavy cabinet is 5 foot tall and I would love to see it in person. I admit the photo makes me a little dizzy to look at it, but it has to be fantastic in person. Made out of torch cut and welded iron.

Which brings me to the other reason for posting this feature. The Guild and The Artful Home® are hosting a home show in New York City, November 16-18, 2007. Tickets are available at the website, plus, they are giving away a trip for two. Here's the website- Artful Home Show.

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I love that catalog too! I hope I get mine soon!


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