What would you like to see here on the blog?

I am working on tweaking the blog format at little. I will be setting up a survey shortly, but wanted your comments on what you would like to see or read here on the blog. Any suggestions? What about artist interviews? anyone like reading those?

Advice column written by Leon, the hospital cat? which would go something like,
Dear Leon, I am overweight. Any advice? Signed, Hungry in Alabama.
Dear Hungry, Join the club. I am on the perpetual diet. Leon

Questions and answers? art and/or related?

Leave any suggestions or ideas in the comments, and I will mull them. Thanks.


Bonghi Vestiti said...

Love your artwork! I'm trying to get my son to sign up for MoE...he's a photographer, he works, and is still a college he has limited time. I'll keep trying :)
His site is:
(I think he's pretty good ;) )

Sheri said...

i love your work... your blog has a nice flow just like it is...


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