Old Dog Haven - Washington State

I came across a letter while sorting through old mail, and it reminded me of Old Dog Haven in Washington State. The letter was actually from a similar facility that has opened , or is opening, up in Brevard, NC, called Kanine Kingdom. Their website isn't up yet when I tried to search for it.

There are lots of animal shelters and rescue groups all over, but there aren't many that take in senior dogs. Old Dog Haven is one of them. Craig and Tanya Amberson of Art Helping Animals adopted a pekingese mix dog from there last year, or year before. I am adding an Old Dog Haven link to my sidebar.
If you happen to be looking for places to make a tax free donation here at the end of the year, ODH is one of my top favorites. Click on the image below to go to the Old Dog Haven site.

(logo and image credit- Old Dog Haven)
If you happen to know of other similar facilities, drop me a note and I will add them a link also. Thanks.

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