Hank- A Stray Pointer Looking for a Home

This is Hank.  He's a stray Pointer.  Sort of a stray, you might say.  At one time, he had a home. 

He showed up at a clients house and wouldn't leave.  Looking sort of worn and tattered.  Too thin.  Skin scraped up and irritated.  Bird dogs tend to be a little on the thin side naturally, but usually not too the point of seeing one's backbone.   

He actually belonged to her neighbor down the road.  So she called him, and he came to her house to pick him up.  Hank took off in the opposite direction towards the woods.  He wouldn't go near his owner or the truck.  Now, sometimes dogs and cats will develop an aversion to a person or something if they get spooked or scared around one.   Like they are riding in a car, and the car backfires and makes a loud noise that scares them.  So from then on, they associate the car with scary loud noises and don't like to ride.  

Hank was in the woods.  And his owner got in the truck to leave and was heading out of the driveway.  Hank immediately runs back to my client, standing in the driveway, and sits down.   The owner sees this in his rearview mirror.  So he turns around and comes back.  Hank takes off again.   

My client begins to get concerned about how Hank is acting.  So she asks the owner, "He doesn't seem to want to go with you.  Should I try to find him a home?"   And the owner says, "Yeah."  So that is how Hank became a stray.   He seems like a nice dog.  From looking at his teeth, I think he is somewhere between 2 and 3 years old.     Not a puppy but not a really old dog either.  He gets along with my client's other dogs and cats.  He appears to have been neutered as well. 

If you know anyone who is interested in adopting him, give me a holler.   His video is on youtube, if you would like to share it with others that might be looking for a Pointer type dog.  And I am listing him on Petfinder.    Thanks.


SM Violano said...

H he is adorable! He is a sweetie-pie type dog!!! They are such WONDERFUL companions!

Can I paint him???

Andy Mathis said...

I didn't actually take the photos, but I don't think my client will mind. They are actually her photos. My video.

She might be able to take more photos of him too.

MilkaWay said...

So handsome! Would love to be able to take him in.


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