She's Back!

Now, I know the word is that Lucky has been telling the other ladies at the Ladies Auxilary that she went on vacation for a few days in Williamsburg.  

But, the truth is. . .  she had "a little work done."  It's true. You know. . .  the usual. Nose Job. Face Lift. Boob Job. Ass augmentation surgery.

Now, one can BE an asshole, and that it totally free.  It won't cost anyone a dime. 
But, let someone NEED an asshole. . . and that is another story entirely. Be prepared to spend bookoo big bucks.   Lucky returned from "vacation"this afternoon.

This is the "I hate this lampshade thing" look.  Just in case, you can't tell.

So now we wait.  Antibiotics, Stool softeners, Pain meds. Sutures come on in 2 weeks.  There still can be problems down the road-  megacolon, chronic contipation, fecal incontinence.  

Priscilla was happy to see her but even she wasn't digging the satellite dish as you can hear her hissing and growling at Lucky in the video.

Thanks again to everyone for her donations.  If this had happened 10 years ago, surgery would not  have been an option due to the expense.  So thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media sites for making it all possible. 

And while Lucky doesn't appear thrilled in that lampshade pic, I am sure she is smiling on the inside.

She had enough money in her fund to cover the surgery with a little left over to cover any rechecks and followup.   Sundown Surgery and the Grace Fund are two of my favorite pet charities, along with Old Dog Haven (love them), so if down the road you find yourself looking for funds to make donations to, please keep them on your list.   While there aren't too many other Lucky's out there with her problem, fortunately, there are other pets who find themselves needing surgery to fix a medical problem (foreign bodies, trauma cases, orthopedic cases) and an owner who can't always make the finances work out on such short notice.  That is where the GRACE FUND and SUNDOWN SURGERY fund can step in to help. 


Martha said...

Dr. Andy, you're Lucky's angel glad to hear she's doing well and am crossing my fingers that no complications start down the road. Glad she's got enough $$ too...what a relief. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her.

BagsPlusMore said...

What an adorable cat - so sad she has to endure so many health problems. You most certainly are an angel of love to all these animals. An animal lover of two dogs - Sadie and Molly - it's wonderful to come across a Veterinarian who really cares.

Squigglefly said...

Andy - has just donated $150 to Lucky's surgery fund via the direct donation link. All the best to that little kitty!

hoptownracer1 said...

Thank you for the update and video. Saying prayers! Please give her a pet for us!


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