Charlie Brown and Lucky Update

This little guy came in today for his puppy vaccinations.  He's about 13 weeks old. 2.2 lbs. Chihuahua who will have to grow into his ears. 

Here's a short little video of him (the batteries died) 

Lucky also had surgery today at the UGA Vet Teaching Hospital.   I heard from her student today about 6 pm.  She got out of surgery around 5 and will be spending the night in ICU on fluids and pain medication.  They were able to correct her fistula a ittle easier than expected, it sounds like.  She's not out the woods yet, but doing as well as can be expected.  Now we wait and see how everything heals.

Thanks to all of your donations, your prayers and good thoughts, she's gets a second chance to be a normal cat.  I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

Jane Freeman said...

I sure have been thinking about lucky to have you as so many of these animals are. You are a blessing to them and I am so proud to know you Andy!


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