Lucky Update- 2/25/11

Okay y'all.

Lucky's fund has grown a little more.  It takes a few days for any online donations to show up. The same with donations mailed in.  We are closer to her estimate, but not totally there.  I think with what I've sent in, and with what people have said they sent in, we are around the $1500 mark.  The official total is still $1050 when I called the office today.  That's when I found out that it takes a few days for credit card payments to show up.

So, I have decided to go ahead and schedule her surgery for next week. She's getting dropped off on Monday with surgery probably happening on Tuesday.   Thanks for everyone's help so far. Donations or just spreading the word about her.

I originally thought I wouldn't be able  to schedule her surgery until the funds were totally raised. Between 2000-$2500.   But now that we are a little closer I think it's wise to go ahead with the surgery and let the surgeons actually see what we (they) are dealing with.  With the knowledge that I (we) might need to raise a few more funds. 

Here's a little video clip I shot of her earlier.

Thanks again for everyone's help so far.  Lucky OWES everyone a LOT of chores around the house.  I'm just sayin'.

I'll keep you updated on her surgery next week.


Rebecca said...

Was she purring? It sounded like it! How wonderful that her surgery will be next week!

Andy Mathis said...

Oh yeah.
She's a love bug with a loud motor.

Martha said...

I am so relieved she's going to get her surgery sooner than later, but I'm so worried for her too. This sounds like a really big you have any thoughts on her prognosis, Dr. Andy?

Poor sweet little girl...please give her a hug from me before you leave her.

Andy Mathis said...

I will Martha.

Prognosis is guarded as they won't know exactly what they are dealing with until surgery. I did get an email early on from a vet in California who has successfully repaired several of these in pigs, 1 llama, and another cat. So it is possible.

I do know that her quality of life is no good, without the surgery, so she's sort of between a rock and a hard place. And surgery is the only option besides euthanasia.

I would tell a client to prepare for the worst case scenario, and hope for the best.


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