Dear Pet Product Manufacturer

I am getting tired of being accused by clients of price gouging them on pet products.  They get mad when I refuse to match the price they find in a catalog, or online from international locations such as Australia or Canada.

I understand that you can't dictate what people actually charge for your products at retail.  That would be price fixing and is illegal.  But perhaps some guidelines are in order.  Or maybe reconsider your volume discounts. 

We use a standard markup for products.   I try to explain that the price they find online or in a catalog isn't a true retail price, it is more in line with the actual wholesale price you charge veterinarians and veterinary hospitals. That is to no avail. 

In the past, offering a manufacturing rebate or coupon to clients did help.  But the gap continues to grow wider and wider.

I have always evaluated products based on efficacy and value.  Does the product work as it should?  Does it seem to work as well as other products?   Is it priced comparable to similar items?   And let that guide me on what products to recommend to clients.

This problem has escalated around a few products, a few companies and volume discounts.

From this point forward, not only am I going to be evaluating products based on efficacy and value, I will also be evaluating the sales policies of the manufacturing companies.  And then determine which products, vaccinations, and medications to either recommend to clients, or with to treat patients.

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