George and Gracie

Look at these two.  Little George Burns and Little Gracie Allen.

The pound thought they were Saint Bernard Mixes, but I don't think they are going to be that large. I think they might be Australian Shepherd Mixes or something.  We'll see how much weight they gain between now and their next appointment.  Big dogs will gain 2-3 lbs. / week.

They were adopted last week from the pound by the family who had Barney.   Barney was the Lab who I had to put to sleep early last year. The one who was Jethro's buddy.    You can search fom "Barney" at the top and find photos of him.

Barney, was found at the garbage dumpster when he was about 8 months old.  And lived quite a pampered life after than.   I asked his owners over the summer if they were thinking about getting another dog when I was looking for a home for Maggie.  They said not right then, they were traveling in the fall visiting relatives and had decided to wait.  I was happy to hear that they were considering it as they were such a good home for Barney.  And if you had asked Barney, he would have wanted the same for other dogs in a similar situation. Dogs that just need a home.

George and Gracie, along with their littermates, had their photo in the newspaper last week.  So, Mr and Mrs. P went to the pound to see what was available.  They were just gonna look they said.  "I even left my purse at home", said Mrs. P.

Well, she liked George.   He liked Gracie.  So they got them both.

They were in yesterday for a puppy vaccination and bath yesterday.  Listen to the mouth on lil Miss Gracie while George was getting his bath.


Denise S. said...

She indeed has a set of lungs on her.
I was noticing their coats and wondered if there might be any Akita genes there?

Andy Mathis said...

We don't have many akitas around so I would be surprised. I'm betting they are not gonna be very large dogs, but will know more when we see how much weight they gain in 3 weeks.

Miccosukee said...


What a set of lungs! Turned it on and my Corgi ran from the back of the house to discover who was in here! She hunted for quite a bit for the songster. Too funny!!



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