Lucky Update

I posted this elsewhere, but didn't get around to posting it here until now.  Shiloh's painting was purchased over the weekend and Lucky's Fund had a few more donations over the weekend too.   That brings the total up to about $625, about a 1/4 of the way there.

My little yupo paintings are small, 5x7 inches.  I am working on another one of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that might be finished by the weekend.  I've had little prints available at various online sites, signed by me, for $20.  If people want larger prints, those are now available at    They aren't signed though. ( unless you happen to live close by, then bring one by and I'll sign it.)

When my painting appeared on the cover of the JAVMA magazine almost 3 years ago, I had a few veterinary hospitals purchase some.  And if they bought 4 of them, I threw in a 5th one free.

So, I am doing this again for Lucky.   5 prints for the price of 4 with free shipping.   That works out to be 20, almost 25% off.   That makes the pot a little sweeter and Lucky gets closer to surgery, a little faster.

You can choose, mix and match, or let me send you my favorites. 
Where to go look for the prints?  They are on various sites, but the most complete sites are going to be ecrater, artfire, or bonanzle.    The print of Shiloh isn't on any of the sites yet. 

AndyMathis at Ecrater
Me at Artfire

There might be some on Etsy, but they tend to expire, and I forget to renew them.  Etsy.
The other sites don't expire.

If people would like to purchase a single print, you can purchase it through the various sites.  But if you want the "Lucky Special of Buy 4, Get 1 Free, plus Free Shipping", buy it through this paypal link, and include a note with the prints that you want.

Lucky's Print Special

It doesn't have to be just the cats or dogs. You  can mix in the florals or fruit ones too. 
For reference,
Cat Ones -- Grey Tabby on Yupo, Can We Play Now, Please?, Cat Nap, Penske, Lily, Maybelline, Jedi Whiskers, Latte, Marco, Shoe Polish Nose, Visions of Sugar Plums,  Luna.
Dogs- Retriever Puppy, Dog Portrait, Basset Hound, and the new one of Shiloh.

There are probably a few I forgot along there somewhere too.  If you find it as a painting, it probably is available as a print.  Not sure, drop me an email, and ask. 

Of course, if you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Lucky's fund yourself, the link and information is posted in the blog post about her surgery consult from  almost 3 weeks ago.

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