Lucky Update

Just like the Jeffersons, Lucky moves up to a Deluxe Apartment in the sky. 

After Lucky's bath on Sunday, she moved to an upper apartment.  Just like Weezie. 

Thanks to a uber generous donation this week, her fund has grown up to $877. 


Andy Mathis said...

I got an email so let me clear something up. Lucky isn't in Cat Heaven.

Someone thought that in the sky phrase meant she was euthanized.

Lucky is fine. She's in the treatment room.

Anonymous said...

Is Lucky scheduled for surgery yet? My sister and I run a site -, and we'll be donating all profits made from cat images sold during the month of February to Lucky's surgery fund.

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks Ashley, that's very generous of you to offer.

I am sharing it on Facebook.

Lucky's surgery will be scheduled we closer to her estimate for surgery.
And hope we have a little cushion for unforseen complications or issues that develop. Hopefully there are none.


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