George and Gracie- Part 2. and Part 3.

I am the most unorganized blogger that ever lived.  I have to admit.  I have to often go back and look for blog posts to see who you've seen.  Or not.  Or seen twice. Or almost saw twice.

It takes a little while to resize photos,  string together video clips in imovie,  and upload them to youtube.  Youtube probably takes the longest, as last night I was trying to upload these clips and it was saying it would take an hour.  Forget that.  This morning, it took about 15- 20 minutes between the two. 

So here's the update on George and Gracie, the 2 pound puppies, you saw getting a bath a few weeks ago.   Well, it's their current update, and the one from 3 weeks ago. Put it that way.  

When they first showed up, they weighed about 8 and 9 pounds respectively. 
On their second visit below they weighed 16 and 17 lbs.
Photo from 3 weeks ago- 3/1/11, I think.

And here is their little video clip from last week.    They are no longer Little George Burns and Little Gracie Allen.  They are now Medium George Burns and Medium Gracie Allen.  23 and 24 lbs.


Miccosukee said...

Dr. Andy,

Still think they are part Australian Shepherd with that growth spurt since the last post? Or is the traveling salesman who sired these a bit bigger?

Too bad there is no way to know for sure.


BagsPlusMore said...

so glad these two pups found a home!


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