Meet Buddy.

This is Buddy.  He came in today.  He cut his leg open sometime over the weekend.   His owner didn't bring him in. A concerned neighbor did.   She really can't afford to be taking care of  dogs, other than her one, and her 2 cats.

About 8 weeks old. 12 lbs.  Lab Mix?

If the family keeps him, he'll likely get run over because they live close to the 4 lane highway.  That has been the fate of previous dogs.   The neighbor, my client, worries about them all the time.  Being elderly, that isn't good for her health. 

He's on antibiotics and has something to clean it with. It'll granulate and heal together pretty fast.  I'll probably call the animal control officer to make sure they get the Mom out of the puppy business.


Dee said...

andy, this poor little guy need a GOOD home. i wish i would win the lottery so i could buy a big property and house and adopt all these poor babies, feline and canine ;P

Dr. Nancy Allen, DVM said...

His eyes say it all!

Lookie who's here to help with his physical exam!


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