Rosie Gets a New Tail

Bert got neutered yesterday.   Today was Rosie's turn. 
No puppies for you, Bert and Rosie. (said like the soup Nazi)

When Rosie arrived,  I noticed the tip of her tail.  It looked like the end of a burnt cigar.  I caught her chewing at it a few times, so I am not sure if was injured and then traumatized by her, or if it was something like  a fungal infection (ringworm).  Both she and Burt have a few suspicious looking ringworm areas.  We are scrubbing those with chlorhexiderm shampoo, which is good for most everthing except the mange. 

I also noticed Rosie would hit the side of the cage with her tail, and it would start to bleed. 

 I have been scrubbing this some this week, but I am not sure this would have healed.  And if it did, I think it might leave a rather unslightly scar.   So while she was under anesthesia,  after her spay,  I decided to dock her tail a few inches, and just get rid of it.  Not very short. Sort of like the tail on a birddog.   Here's her new tail below.   

Y'all be sure to tell her how nice it looks when she wakes up. 

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Bless you <3


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