Jimmy sees Dead People

Yes, I think that is correct.  Jimmy is like that kid in the movie,  The Sixth Sense, "I see dead people."

He'll be doing better, and then something spooks him-  the lights flicker, a chainsaw cranks up 150 yards down the road, a fly buzzes by, etc.  It is like 2 steps forward, and then sometimes 1,2, or 3 steps backwards.   I shot this video of him eating yesterday.  It took 3 and 1/2 hours to upload to Youtube.  (You're welcome, lol)    He was more relaxed than last week.  All of our holiday boarders have gone home, so it's just him, Bert, Rosie, Ginger and Daisy in the kennel.

I kept moving the food around the pen to give him to move out of the corner.  If he heard, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." He would volunteer.  He lurves the corner.   You would think he only has 2 legs, on one side, to look at him, as that is all you ever see. 

So I am moving food left to right, front to back, from my hand, from the floor, etc. to get him to move.  Notice he gets up and stands to eat.  This is about the 2nd day we've seen this- he is less crouched, so I think that is a good sign.

I also have been leaving a towel in his cage, up at the very front, to encourage him to lay up there.  Last night he pooped and urinated all over it.  Maybe the dead people said to, I don't know.

Yesterday I also got this little video of Rosie and Ginger walking around outside.  Not much of Rosie as I cut out the part where she gets excited and starts jumping all over people.  She needs a little work on her manners.  You can see a difference in Ginger from her earlier videos.  I was walking her yesterday afternoon . . . she was right behind me, . . .I stepped over a down tree branch, and my heel accidently hit her in the chin.  She yelped as if it was totally my fault and on purpose. 

Ginger stopped for a rest by a tree on her walk.

I love this photo.
 I think that rad scar above her eye is here to stay.   She'll be the envy of all the other children on the playground. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, Andy, Ginger is looking so much better, isn't she? But omgosh, Jimmy just breaks my heart. When he allows it, please give him a little ear scritch from me. xx

vic said...

Oh, he does look scared and sad.

You be nice to him and give him some scratches and hugs when he will let you.

But it's good that he is getting up and moving around and even beginning to approach you (at least when you have food in your hand.)

Art with Liz said...

Even if I don't comment, I always read your news. I am so glad there are people like you in this world to take care of and love the outcasts like Jimmy and Ginger. To behave like an animal should be a compliment, to behave like a human, should not. Bless you Andy.

Miccosukee said...

Dr. Andy,
Bless you for taking the time and effort to work with dogs like Jimmy who should be chasing balls for his owner and sharing snuggles with someone who loves him. I would love for Christmas for all these lonely souls to find that great home for themselves. You are my hero!


MC NJ said...

Dr. Andy,
They all look so much better already!! I love to see Jimmy "play" with that little squeaky ball, does he growl when you try to take it away? I don't hear him growl on the video, but at one point you move your hand away quickly. I love to read your blog, love your sense of humor!! Keep up the fabulous work!!!

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks MC-
No Jimmy doesn't growl, he'll let you take it out of his mouth. I probably scared him, he jumped, making me jump . . .

MC NJ said...

Just saw Jimmy's bath pics & his after bath pics!!
WOW! He looks fabulous! He is a handsome guy, so fluffy!
You are doing amazing work with these babies. For some reason I don't get updates of your blog sent to my email, so I have to come here to see what's new, I'm looking for new video of Jimmy, did I miss any? Last video I saw was from 12/11.
Oh & Ginger, is there anything new for her?

Andy Mathis said...

looks like you've got to this December post, probably through that linked within link at the bottom of a blog post.

You should be able to find the videos going forward from Nov, or going backwards from the lastest blog post. There are videos of Jimmy in Jan. and February between this one from December, and the one of them wrasslin' posted the other day.

You can also see them on facebook at


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